Petroleum tank farm research in development

GRID Research on petroleum tank farms typically involves studying the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of facilities that store large quantities of crude oil and/or refined petroleum products in tanks. Some potential areas of research could include tank farm layout and design, tank construction and materials, tank inspection and maintenance, tank farm automation and control, and safety and environmental considerations.

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Given the breadth of this topic, it is important to focus on a specific aspect of petroleum tank farms when conducting research. For example, GRID researchers might investigate the use of ultrasonic testing for inspecting petroleum tanks, or the impact of environmental regulations on the design and operation of tank farms. 
GRID research on petroleum tank farms can help to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of these facilities, which are critical components of the petroleum industry's supply chain. By understanding the various factors that influence the design and operation of tank farms, researchers can help to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation in this field.

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