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GRID Research in developing relationship between two parties involves studying the interactions and dynamics between two actors, such as a donor and a recipient government, or a private company and a community.

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The goal of this type of research is to understand how these relationships affect the delivery and impact of development interventions, and to identify strategies for improving communication, trust, and collaboration between the two parties.

Some possible research topics in this area include:

Power dynamics and asymmetries Investigating the power dynamics and asymmetries between the two parties, and exploring how these dynamics affect the design and implementation of development interventions.
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Partnership models and approaches Studying different partnership models and approaches, such as co-design, co-funding, and co-evaluation, and identifying best practices and challenges for effective collaboration.
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Accountability and transparency Examining the accountability and transparency mechanisms in place between the two parties, and identifying strategies for improving transparency and accountability in development relationships.
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Conflict resolution and mediation Analyzing the role of conflict resolution and mediation in resolving disputes and promoting collaboration between the two parties.
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To conduct research in this area, it is important to use a variety of research methods, including qualitative and quantitative methods. This can involve conducting interviews and focus groups with both parties, as well as analyzing policy documents and other relevant data sources. In terms of data sources, there are many publicly available datasets on development topics, such as the World Bank’s World Development Indicators and the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index. 
There are also many academic journals and research organizations that publish research on development relationship topics, such as the Journal of Development Studies and the Overseas Development Institute. Overall, research in developing relationship between two parties is an important field that can inform policies and interventions that can improve communication, trust, and collaboration between different actors involved in development processes.